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$400 Per Week Unemployment – Sell Your Junk Car Instead

Are you searching for more information on the $400 per week unemployment payment? If so, instead of waiting for the $400 per week payment to be approved in Washington, why not sell your junk car instead?

Your junk car is easily one of the best assets that you have right now because you can turn that car around and sell it for cash tomorrow instead of having to wait for another one to two weeks to get money in your pocket.

How Much Is Your Junk Car Worth?

Although you may be thinking that your car has an estimated Blue Book value of X, the reality is that there are a wide variety of different factors that ultimately affect the value of a vehicle so it’s possible that your junk car can be worth Y.

The good news is that when you sell your vehicle to Cash for Cars 24, you can count on us to pay you a fair cash price for your vehicle, and what’s even better is that we don’t charge extra for towing.

You can also count on our driver to pick up your vehicle on scheduled date and time without changing the quote that we offered to pay you over the phone or charging you extra to pick up your vehicle.

It’s Time To Sell Your Junk Car

Are you ever going to get the $400 unemployment boost that the president recently promised? The reality is that right now it’s anyone’s guess.

The good news is that if you own an old vehicle that’s no longer running or it’s costing you money every month to keep it on the road, you can easily sell that vehicle for cash this week and have that money in your pocket to cover late fees or bills that you may currently have due.

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