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Always Check Junkyard Reviews Before You Sell Your Vehicle

By Cash for Cars 24

Are You planning on getting rid of your junk car by selling it to a junkyard? If so, one of the most important things that you should do is always check the reviews for that junkyard online before you decide to sell your vehicle to them.

Even though you may think that you’re selling your vehicle for a small amount of cash, the reality is that your car, truck, or van may be worth more money than what the junkyard is telling you so it makes sense to research that junk yard online before you decide to sell your junk vehicle to them.

Many people use the internet every single day to research restaurants, grocery stores, gyms and other businesses before spending money in those businesses but when it comes to junk yards the average consumer doesn’t do any research before using their services and this is a mistake.

Thousands of under-educated consumers get taken advantage of every single year by unscrupulous junkyard owners who offer them less money for their junk Vehicles than what they’re really here and this doesn’t have to happen if a consumer takes the time to research a junkyard before calling them.

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Your Junk Vehicle Isn’t Just Trash

Yes, it’s true, although you may be thinking that you’re just getting rid of something that’s equivalent to trash, the reality is that your junk vehicle is more than just trash and if you do the research you can make more money than just extra cash by selling your junk vehicle to a junkyard while doing your part to save the environment and helping other people at the same time.

What makes your junk vehicle so valuable?  Every vehicle, regardless of how old it is, has a certain amount of valuable parts and materials including recyclable materials. This even applies to older vehicles that have been sitting for months or years and are not considered to be drivable. Those vans, trucks or cars all have parts and materials in them that could be either sold for scrap or sold as supply parts online two other stores or buyers across the United States.

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Where to Search for Reviews Online

If you’re not familiar with searching for reviews online, the good news is that there are a wide variety of resources and websites that you can turn to for learning more about a junkyard before you decide to sell your junk vehicle to them.

Some of the web sites that you should consider using to research junk yards include:

Yelp – This is by far one of the best websites to look for reviews of other businesses online because, Yelp reviews are typically written by real people who actually live in the area where the business is located and these reviews cannot be faked like reviews on other websites so when you’re reading a Yelp review you can have confidence that it was written by someone who actually was a customer of the business that you’re trying to learn more about.

Facebook – Besides Yelp, most consumers will also on Facebook because many Facebook business pages are either read or maintained by their owners on a regular basis

Google – If you don’t feel like using Yelp or Facebook to search for reviews of local junk yards online one of the best things that you can do is use to search for reviews. Thankfully, with Google it’s super easy to search for a business review, all you have to do is go to the search engine type in the business name followed by the word “review” and the top search results will typically be either the company’s Google business page or links to other review websites. Google will save you the time and hassle finding reviews of local junk yards and give you the confidence that you’re dealing with a reputable business who will offer you a fair price for your junk vehicle.


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Customer Reviews Take the Mystery Out of Selling a Junk Vehicle

Now that you know your vehicle is really worth something, and you don’t have to take a small amount of cash from an unscrupulous junkyard owner who wants to take it off your hands, you can have confidence in knowing that you’re choosing the right junkyard by first researching the business online and reading reviews of that junkyard before you decide to contact them.

Besides using social media to search for business reviews online, you should also verify that the business has an actual physical presence. You can do this by once again using Google to research the business and actually viewing photos taken from the street of their location.

Google Street view photos are fantastic because they show you not only where the actual location of the business is but, they can also help you to find the business if you’re unable to locate it when you’re in the area.

Another resource that you can use to research a business before you decide to call them is the Better Business Bureau website at This website will give you the ability to look up a business by their business name, website, phone number, or street address so that you can, in fact, find out if you’re dealing with a legitimate, reputable junkyard or not.

Last of all, but most important, another great way to research a business and find out if they are good junkyard or not is to look for a company website because, if the company has a website with a phone number, address, and also location of their business these are all signs that you’re dealing with an honest junkyard that you could trust and not a fly-by-night organization who will be here today and gone tomorrow.

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