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Junk car buyer San Francisco is the easiest place to sell your junk car, truck, SUV & van. Get your offer now & sell it immediately.

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How It Work?

Junk Car Buyer San Francisco

1. Get an Instant Offer

Click on 'Get Your Instant Offer' on our website or call us at 1-888-409-8632 & give basic detail about your car

2. Schedule a Pickup

Accept our offer, give us your name & contact info, and schedule a pick-up at your place

3. Relax & Get Paid

We'll come to you, pay you cash and tow away your vehicle. We never charge towing or any hidden fees, so you'll get the 100% payment of the offer

Why Choose Us

Selling your junk car made simple in San Francisco, CA

No Towing Fees

Sell Immediately

On spot Payment

Highest Payment

Sell in Any Condition

We handle Paperwork

Junk Car Buyer San Francisco

Only CashforCars24 pays the best price for your junk car in San Francisco. We are the #1 junk car buyer San Francisco because we buy a vehicle in any condition- non-running, old, flooded, damaged, salvaged, wrecked or junk, and pay higher for it than any other buyer. Also, paperwork is our job and, we never charge for towing or any hidden fees. This makes our offer higher than any other buyer in San Francisco. Moreover, you’ll get your 100% payment before handing over you car to us. We’ll come to you anywhere in San Francisco and pay you right there before towing away your vehicle. 

a. How much is my junk car worth in San Francisco?

Some companies will tell you your vehicle is worth only $100, but don’t believe it! Your older model vehicle is worth more than you think because it contains precious metals that are valuable to scrappers and various parts that can be resold to other people who own the exact vehicle make and model.

We have a vast network of junk car sellers & buyers in California. Therefore, we can always pay you a higher price than any other car buyer, making us the best choice for selling your junk car.

b. Should I Junk My Car? Yes!

Like most people, you may wonder, “should I junk my car?” and the answer to this question is yes!

Besides getting rid of your problem vehicle, when you junk your car, you’re also helping the environment as well because you’re taking a gross polluter out of the area.

Many companies buy salvage cars in San Francisco, but few don’t have the same experience or references as Cash for Cars 24. To learn more about the junk car in San Francisco, contact us today by calling (888)-409-8632.

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Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Goal

Wow! Wow! Wow! What an excellent service. I got the best price for my car. The staff is very helpful and professional. Appreciate their high quality customer service. Thank you guys!!!

Shams Urban

If you are thinking of selling your car, consider Cash for Cars 24 rather than other companies. They provide fast method to sell your car. I got payment right on the spot!

Erin Corllet

Great experience. Selling car at Cash for Cars 24 is straightforward. I received the payment on the spot. They helped me to complete the process at the earliest. Highly recommended!

J. Davison

Cash for Cars 24 paid me much higher than any place else I contacted. The guy who came out was very helpful. For a quick and easy way to sell a used car I suggest them for sure.

Rudy Foster

The entire process was seamless and very quick. I didn't have to take out extra time. I got the best price with Cash for Cars 24. I am amazed that I sold my car for such a great price.

David Sullivan

    Junk Car Buyer San Francisco

    Junk Car Buyer San Francisco