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Is Your Junk Car Your Economic Stimulus? Yes!

In today’s world, most people are focused on when that next economic stimulus check is coming in when in reality the best economic stimulus payment that they have is sitting in their driveway is there junk car. 

What’s sad about junk cars is that even though most people have an attachment to them, they are doing nothing to help their owners and should be sold for cash ASAP!

Depending on the make/model of a typical car, it’s possible that the vehicle owner can get paid up to $250 CASH (or more!) for their junk car so if you’re someone who owns an older car, it’s best to sell it now and get paid cash for that car!

Sell Your Junk Car

Don’t sit at home waiting for your next economic stimulus payment when the next best way to get cash is sitting in your driveway, you can sell that vehicle for cash and get paid as soon as tomorrow.

Before selling your junk car, make sure that you do the following:

  • Remove trash from your vehicle.
  • Remove any important papers, CDs, and other items that you might want to keep.
  • Remove any parts that may be worth money like wheels, rims, or aftermarket parts that you could resell on websites like eBay.

Besides getting your car ready for pickup, it’s also important to make sure that our driver has a clear path to your car so that they can easily come to pick the vehicle up without having to navigate past any other junk or debris that may be in the way.

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