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Junk Car Sale Negotiation Tips

The longer that you are a licensed driver in your state it’s entirely possible that one day you will have to make the decision to get rid of your vehicle and sell it as a junk car.

This is something that many vehicle owners don’t want to do, but the reality is that if a vehicle is no longer safe to drive the only other alternative is to junk it.

Once you come to the realization that it’s time to get rid of your junk vehicle the next question is how do you junk it? Do you sell it to a private party? Do you sell it to a junkyard? Or do you donate it to charity?

Dealing with the junkyard can at times be intimidating for some people because they know very little about the process behind junking cars but the reality is that if you have a little knowledge before you begin the process of getting rid of your vehicle you will know how to negotiate the very best price for your junk vehicle and know the things that you should look out for during this process.

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How To Successfully Sell Your Junk Car

During the process of buying a car, you most likely encountered your fair share of a car salesman who tried to get you to pay more money for a vehicle than what it was worth. This is understandable since it’s in the best interest of the car salesman to sell a vehicle for the most money possible because they make more commission.

The same is true in the junk car market, many companies who are in the used-car or junk Lemon Market will try to actually sell you on the fact that your vehicle is worth less than what it’s really worth when in reality your car, truck or van is actually worth more money.

To avoid getting taken advantage of by a junkyard owner who tries to take your money using the reverse lemon approach, you should thoroughly research your vehicle online including the make, model, and year of the vehicle to determine what it’s really worth and find out if there are any buyers out there who would be willing to purchase your vehicle as is, or purchase it for the individual parts.

Walking into a junkyard with a little knowledge underneath your belt will provide you with the awareness that you need to avoid falling for the reverse lemon approach that many junkyard owners try to take when people bring them their junk vehicles and this will also help you to sell your vehicle for what it’s worth.

Most important of all besides understanding what your vehicle is worth, you should also be willing to get more than one quote for your vehicle that way you don’t come off to the junkyard owner as being someone who’s desperate for the cash that will come from them selling your junk car.

What Are Your Cars Most Valuable Parts?

Before visiting a junkyard in your city or town, you should make a list of your vehicles most valuable assets so that you know what the entire vehicle is really worth.

Some of the things that you should know about your vehicle include:

* It’s auction value.

* If the vehicle has any valuable parts.

* Does the vehicle have any recyclables that are valuable?

* What is the pure scrap value of the vehicle?

What Is Your Cars Auction Value?

Let’s say that you have a vehicle that’s been sitting in a garage, or barn, for a few years, or a few decades, if this is the case your car, truck, or van may only need a few repairs to get in running once again.

It’s quite possible that you can sell your vehicle at auction to a buyer who is willing to invest money in it to get it running once again. Unless you intend to sell your vehicle yourself at auction, make sure that you communicate with the junkyard owner that you are aware that the vehicle does have auction value so that they will not take advantage of you and try to make you think that your car, truck or van is not worth much.

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Does Your Car Have Any Parts That Can Be Recycled? 

Although your car, truck or van may not look like much right now, especially if it’s been totaled, the reality is that your vehicle could have valuable recyclables or parts which make your junk car worth more than what you think it is.

The best way to find out if your vehicle has valuable recyclables, or valuable parts, on it is to research the vehicle online then once you take your car to a junkyard you can present the junkyard owner with a list of every valuable item that’s on the car just so they know you know without a shadow of a doubt that your car, truck or van is really worth money and that they should offer you the best price for it possible.

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