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Let Us Pay You for Your Clunker

Do you remember when the federal government offered to pay us Cash for Clunkers back in 2009? This was a great way for the government to help get clouding and unsafe vehicles off the roads. Although this program did not last for long, the good news is that you could still get rid of your old clunker today by selling it to Cash For Cars 24.

Find Out How Much Your Vehicle Is Worth

At Fred’s Auto removal, we buy Clunkers and used cars every day of the year. We are one of the Pacific Northwest oldest and largest car buyers. It’s our job to ensure that your transaction will run smoothly and that you won’t face the hassle of having to advertise your car online, meet with Buyers or fill out the paperwork that you would stay see if you were to sell your vehicle yourself.

We are located in the PDX area and will give you a great quote over the phone. Once we giving you a quote you can count on us to come out to your location within 24 hours or less to pay you cash for your junk car and pick up your vehicle.

All Makes and Models Considered

Is Your car, truck or van super old, non-running or was it severely damaged recently? The good news is that we purchased all makes and models of vehicles regardless of condition. This means that regardless if your vehicle is running or not you could count on us to quote you a fair price over the phone, come out to your location to pick up that vehicle and haul away that problem vehicle without you having to take the time or household of selling it yourself.

Contact Cash For Cars 24

Are you ready to sell your older model car, truck or van? If so, contact Cash For Cars 24 today by calling us at (888) 913-5816 or click here to connect with us online.