What are the Most Popular Junk Cars in 2022?

Got a junk car that you plan on selling? If so, like most people you may be wondering how much that vehicle is worth. In this article, we will break down what are the most popular junk cars to recycle in 2022.

Honda is the #1 Vehicle Brand to Recycle Nationwide

As of May 2022, it continues to be the most commonly recycled vehicle in the United States, especially the Honda Accord and Civic, two-time tested vehicles that are still very popular regardless of age.

This makes sense considering that Honda’s are very durable vehicles, and it’s not uncommon to see Honda’s from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000’s still on the road today.

Toyota is the #2 Most Popular Brand to Recycle in the United States

Besides Honda, Toyota continues to be the 2nd most popular vehicle to recycle in the United States, especially in the West, where the Toyota Camry remains a very popular and highly sought-after vehicle that’s recycled every day.

Chevy is the #3rd Most Popular Brand to Recycle Nationwide

Rounding out the list of the most popular automotive brands to recycle in the United States is Chevy, especially in the Midwest, where Chevy trucks continue to be sought-after vehicles that automotive recyclers are actively looking for each month.

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