What Are the Most Valuable Parts on A Car In 2020?

What Are the Most Valuable Parts on A Car In 2020?

Are you planning on selling your junk car? If so, you may be wondering what are the most valuable parts of a car in 2020?

In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with insight into which parts on your vehicle will help to increase its value and get you paid the most cash for it.

Your Engine and Transmission

Without a doubt, two of the major pieces of your junk car that may be worth the most money are the engine and transmission.

This is a fact because if your engine and transmission are both currently in running condition, they will be of value to someone who owns the same make and model of vehicle.

Many owners will take the engine and transmission from vehicles and place them in their vehicles so even though you technically have a “junk car”, the parts in your vehicle may live on in other vehicles.

The Air Conditioning System

Other valuable parts that your vehicle has is the air conditioning system, Specifically, the A/C compressor is worth the most, especially if you own an older make/model vehicle because you can sell your compressor to someone who owns the same make/model vehicle as yours for big bucks.

Besides the engine, transmission and air conditioner system, some of the other parts that may be worth money in your vehicle include the alternator, starter, catalytic converter, and the wheels/tires.

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