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Planning On Selling Your Junk Car? Find Out What It’s Worth First Before Selling It

By Cash For Cars 24

Are you planning on selling your junk car to an automotive recycling company? If so, before selling it you should make sure you know what it’s worth.

Don’t Be Fooled, Not All Junk Cars Are Worth $150

In the junk car industry many companies will tell you that they are going to pay you $150 to take that junk car off your hands.

Don’t be fooled.

Your junk car is worth far more than $150. In many cases your car will be worth more money because it has newer parts or minerals that are worth money to recycling companies.

Yes, it’s true your junk vehicle is actually worth more money than you thought. Why? It’s simple. Junk vehicles are worth money based upon it’s reusable parts and recyclables like plastic, steel, copper and other precious metals.

Did you know? Every junk vehicle has value and what most people don’t know is that the average new car on the road today regardless if it’s a BMW, Lexus, or high-priced SUV, has about 95% recycled materials in it from junk vehicles like yours.

Recycling your junk vehicle is one of the best things that you can do to help save the environment while earning some extra cash.

Don’t Let Your Junk Car Rust Away

One of the big mistakes that many junk car owners make is choosing to give up and let their cars sit in their driveways rusting away.

Instead of letting that vehicle sit in your driveway or somewhere on your property, rotting away, and potentially becoming a hazard for animals and small children in the area, your junk vehicle can actually move on to its new life being recycled and reused for other purposes.

What’s Valuable About Your Junk Car?

Every vehicle regardless of its make or model is composed of roughly 70% Steel.

The hunger for steel in the world has only increased over the years, especially as many developing countries like India and China place more demands on the global Steel Marketplace. This means that with a greater demand for steel, many countries with a high number of automobiles like the United States have become major hubs for recycling junk cars, trucks, and other vehicles when they come to the end of their life spans.

Besides steel, another important part of your vehicle that is also heavily recycled across the United States is the battery.

Sell Your Junk Car

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