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Sell My Junk Car For $500 – Who Buys Junk Cars for Cash Near Me?

Are you interested in selling your junk car for $500? If so, contact Cash for Cars 24 today by calling us at (888) 913-5816 or click here to connect with us online.

We specialize in buying all makes and models of cars for $500 or more! Learn more about the services we can offer you today!

Why You Should Sell Your Junk Car For $500

If your car is 10 years old or older, the reality is that regardless of the make or model, it’s most likely worth about $500 or slightly more.

Sadly, many companies will try to take advantage of you and offer far less than what your vehicle is worth because they are out for a “quick buck”. Thankfully, when you contact Cash for Cars 24 you can count on a fair cash offer for your vehicle and we’re not going to cheat you on our price.

What we quote you over the phone will be what our driver pays you for your vehicle when they show up to pick up your junk vehicle and tow it away.

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What You Can Do to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Pickup

Has it been a while since you’ve driven your junk car? If so, before selling it to Cash for Cars 24 for $500 you should take the time to remove anything valuable from your vehicle including your sound system if it’s been recently replaced, important documents, valuables, and trash.

You should also take inventory of any replacement parts that you can remove from the vehicle and resell locally or online because sometimes things like alternators or starters can be worth $50 to $100 and can be resold locally or online.

To get started with selling your junk car to us for $500 contact Cash for Cars 24 today by contacting us at (888) 913-5816 or connect with us online.