Water Damaged Car - What Do You Do?

There’s no doubt that 2017 has been a tough year for cars across the United States due to weather damage from storms like hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. Both hurricanes were completely unexpected since a major hurricane had not hit the United States in about 11 years and many people found themselves unprepared for how the storms would impact them.

Although disaster films and analysts will tell us that the major destructive part of a hurricane comes from the swirling storm itself, or the wind, the reality is that the greatest damage from the hurricane comes from water.

Sadly, hurricanes Harvey and Irma were not the only storms that left hundreds if not thousands of water-damaged cars in their wake. There have been other natural disasters across the United States this year that have damaged thousands of vehicles as well.

If your vehicle was recently water damaged, this article will provide steps you should follow in dealing with your flood-damaged vehicle.

Sell Water Damaged Car

What exactly is a flood-damaged car?

Before providing you with tips or advice on how to deal with a flood-damaged car we should first provide you with information on what exactly is a flood-damaged car. A flood-damaged car is a vehicle that was recently damaged by excessive water that may also have come from rain or snow. Dealing with a flood-damaged car is one of the most difficult vehicles to repair because, flood waters are often dirty, filled with salt, dirt, and other corrosive materials that will damage all of the internal parts and components of the vehicle.

Should you clean a flood-damaged car?

Although you may be tempted to have your car cleaned and/or repaired after it’s been flood-damaged, the reality is that taking your vehicle to a professional to bring it back to life after a flood is often costlier than the vehicle itself.

It’s not uncommon for an insurance agency to declare a vehicle a total loss after a flood rather than paying the owner to have the car, truck, or van cleaned and repaired.

Can you sell a flood-damaged car?

You may be wondering if you can just sell the car after it’s been damaged; the answer to this question is, of course, no because most buyers will not want to purchase a vehicle that’s been water damaged.

Some owners of flood-damaged vehicles will be tempted to resell them without informing the buyer of the car’s history. In these cases, the seller is setting themselves up for a lawsuit because it’s illegal to sell a car without revealing its history to the buyer.

What’s the best solution for a flood-damaged car?

The best solution for dealing with a flood-damaged car is to sell your car to a company like Cash for Cars 24 that specializes in buying flood-damaged vehicles because we will take the car off your hands and save you the time, money and hassle of searching for a trustworthy company to sell it to and or attempting to recycle the car yourself piece by piece.

Before selling your flood damaged vehicle to an automotive recycling company do this

So, you’re excited about the idea of selling your car to an automotive recycling company so that you can get that vehicle out of your hair and get yourself into a new car.

This is understandable, because there’s nothing worse than owning a flood-damaged car that’s non-drivable but before you decide to sell the car make sure you follow these steps:

Step 1 – Review the Damage – You will want to review the damage that your car sustained in the flood because, your car may have parts or accessories that can be removed, repurposed or resold, to someone else who owns a car similar to yours.

Step 2 – Find Out What Your Car Is Worth – Another Important thing that you want to do before selling your blood damage car to a company like cash for cars 24 is to find out what it’s really worth by looking up the value of that car online with a website like Kelly Blue Book because this will also help you to have a realistic expectation for the amount of money you can expect to receive from the car.

Step 3 – Collect Your Title and Or Proof of Ownership Documents – Last of all, but most important, the last thing that you want to do before contacting an automotive recycling company is to find your proof of ownership documents and the title of your car just so that you won’t be left scrambling, searching for those documents when the tow truck driver comes to pick up your car and take it away it to the wrecking yard.

Sell water damaged car to Cash for Cars 24

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