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Sell Your Junk Car – The Solution for Holiday Cash

Even though it’s September, the reality is that the holidays are right around the corner and you’re going to need some holiday cash, right?

Thankfully, if you own an older model truck, car, van, or RV, you can sell that older model vehicle to Cash for Cars 24 and have the money that you need just in time for the holidays.

Learn More About How Much Your Vehicle Is Really Worth

In today’s world, most people will call the first company that they find online to come and recycle their car, truck or van. Sadly, many companies will only pay an average of $150 or less to a vehicle owner because they know that person is eager to get rid of their problem vehicle.

Thankfully, when you choose Cash for Cars 24 to come and recycle your vehicle, you can count on us to pay you the most money for your vehicle because we consider what it’s really worth instead of just paying you a small amount of money just to take that vehicle off your hands.

Each older model vehicle on the road today is worth more than $150 thanks to the parts of the vehicle, tires, sound system, and accessories so before recycling your vehicle with just any company, call us first to find out what it’s worth because the answer might surprise you.

Money in Time for Christmas

How much is Christmas going to cost you this year? An extra $150, $500 or $1000? When you recycle your used vehicle with Cash for Cars 24 you can get a jump on Christmas without getting further into debt from the holiday shopping season.

Look at your older model vehicle as an “asset” that you can sell just in time to raise extra cash for the holidays.

Get a quote today by calling us at (888) 913-5816 or connect with us through our website to sell your car online.