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Should You Spend $1,000 To Fix Your Car or Junk It?


By Cash For Cars 24

Are you facing a large vehicle repair bill and are questioning if you should spend that money to repair your car or junk it?

In this article we will offer you some things you should consider before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle.

Question #1 – Is Your Vehicle A Daily Driver?

Do you depend on your vehicle to get you safely to and from work every day? If so, before making the decision to spend more money on your vehicle you should check the miles on your car, including wear and tear, to determine if spending that money will really be worth it or not.

There’s a good chance that if your vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it you may face another expensive repair in the near future so it’s best to keep this in mind and ask yourself if it would be better to use that money as a down payment on another vehicle.

Question #2 – What Is Your Car Worth?

Another important thing to do before spending money to repair your vehicle is to look up its current value online. This step is important because if the value of your car, truck, van or RV is only $1000 and you’re planning on spending $1000 to repair your vehicle you may want to use that money towards getting a new vehicle.

Question #3 – What Would A New Car Payment Cost You?

Last of all, but most important, another great thing to do before spending more money to fix an older vehicle is to find out what’s the monthly payment is going to be for a new vehicle.

Depending on your credit and down payment you may find that it’s going to cost much less over 12 months to buy or lease a new vehicle than its going to cost to repair your old car.

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