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Should You Try to Extend the Life of Your Junk Car? The Answer Is No

Although you may be still in love with your older model junk car, truck or van and you want to keep that vehicle on the road, the reality is that if that vehicle’s life cycle is coming to an end, you should junk it instead of trying to keep it running.

Why should you junk your old vehicle instead of trying to keep it running? The answer is simple, COST. Keeping that vehicle on the road is costing you money every month that you could be investing in a new vehicle.

Cost Vs. Priorities

Even though you may be thinking that you’re saving money by keeping your older model vehicle on the road the reality is that continuing to do that is stopping you from living the life that you deserve.

Most people wait far too long and continue driving older vehicles that are well past their life cycles. Don’t let this happen to you!

How to Really Know When It’s Time to Junk Your Vehicle

Some of the signs that it’s time to junk your vehicle include the following:

  1. You’re spending over $100 per month just to keep that vehicle on the road.
  2. The mechanics at your local auto shop know you by name.
  3. Your wife/partner/girlfriend doesn’t want to ride in your vehicle with you because it’s embarrassing to them.
  4. Family members pray for your safe journey every time you drive your vehicle since they don’t know if you’ll get to where you want to go safely or not.
  5. It takes you more than 10 minutes to get your vehicle started and, on the road, ever morning.
  6. You’ve been pulled over by the police on more than one occasion and written a ticket for driving a gross polluter.

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