Thinking Of Selling Your Junk Car To A Private Junk Car Buyer? Read This First

Everyone who owns a junk car will at one point consider selling their vehicle to a private buyer because working with a private seller can often seem easier than selling to a company like Cash For Cars 24.

Sadly, working with a private buyer can often result in lost money and tons of stress. This is why in this article, we will provide you with warning signs that you should be on the lookout for if you ultimately choose to work with a private buyer.

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Warning Signs To Watch For From Private Junk Car Buyers

Private buyers are everywhere these days but the ‘shady’ buyers typically exhibit a series of warning signs including the following:

  • They want to pay by check or money order – This is always the first warning sign to be on the lookout for because a check or money order can always bounce. The only legitimate way to get paid for your junk vehicle is with CASH.
  • They send someone to pick up your vehicle after-hours – Another sign to be on the lookout for when selling your vehicle is a night hauler. This is someone who will show up at your home after hours, ready to pick up your vehicle even if you hadn’t arranged pickup. To avoid this happening, always arrange a set day and time during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS because this will also ensure your safety as well.
  • They have bad reviews on Google – Last of all, but most important, be wary of selling your vehicle to a junk car buyer if they have bad reviews on Google. Those reviews should serve as a warning sign to be wary of doing business with someone who ultimately may scam you as well.

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