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Two Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Your Cars Resale Value

By Cash for Cars

Are you thinking about selling your car in the future? If so, you should look at your car as an asset instead of a liability.

Sadly, most people don’t look at their cars as assets and they will literally drive their vehicles into the ground.

Thankfully, it’s easier than you think to increase the resale value of your car especially if you follow these tips.

Tip #1 – Follow the Recommended Maintenance for Your Car

Although it’s common advice, one of the most important things you should always do is follow the recommended maintenance for your vehicle because this will help you to eliminate potential mechanical problems down the road which may be very costly for you to have repaired.

Besides following the recommended maintenance for your car, you should also do the following:

  • Change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles.
  • Rotate and balance your tires every 8,000 miles
  • Have your timing / serpentine belts inspected annually and changed when needed
  • Check your battery posts to confirm that they are not covered with corrosion
  • Replace your windshield wipers when you begin to notice streaks
  • Remove and replace your cabin air filter annually

If you have a difficult time remembering to do preventative maintenance on your car it’s best to set calendar reminders on your phone or computer that way you will never forget to take care of car maintenance again.

Tip #2 – Keep the Interior of Your Vehicle Clean at All Times

You may love eating or drinking in your car but the reality is that the more you eat, drink or potentially smoke in your vehicle, the easier it will be to have spills, accidents and have those smells become “embedded” in your car.

It’s best to restrict eating, drinking and all other activities that you previously may have done in your vehicle and make sure that your passengers abide by your wishes because this will help to preserve the resale value of your ride.

Other than no longer eating or drinking in your car you should also make an effort to clean your car on a weekly basis, have it waxed every 3 months and professionally detailed on a quarterly basis.

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