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We Buy Cars That Don’t Run – Get A Quote And Schedule A Pick Up Here

It doesn’t matter if your car is a classic or newer model, if it’s not running, that car is a liability that needs to go.

Thankfully, when you sell your vehicle to Cash For Cars 24, you can have confidence that you can finally get rid of that vehicle fast and earn cash at the same time!

Unlike some companies that say one thing, while doing another, you can confidence and peace of mind in knowing that with our company, you’re dealing with a reliable operation that will offer you a fair cash price for your vehicle and pick it up without charging you extra.

Now Is The Right Time To Sell Your Junk Cars

With summer quickly coming to a close, it makes sense to sell your junk vehicle now because, the last thing that you want is to continue to have a Oregon junk vehicle stuck in your driveway, garage, or on your property.

From the moment that you contact us, you can start looking to the future, and finally remove that vehicle from your life that’s been a headache ever since it stopped running.

What Comes Next?

Once we schedule a day and time to pick up your vehicle, the next step is for you to take the time to clean that vehicle up by removing any trash or debris from the vehicle that may have accumulated over the years.

After cleaning the trash, debris, and important papers from your vehicle, you should next find your vehicle’s title and proof of registration that you can present to our driver when they arrive.

How Long Does The Junk Car Pick Up Process Take?

On the day that you scheduled your junk car to be picked up, you can count on the entire pick-up process to take just minutes because all our drive has to do is confirm that you have a title, proof of registration, they will pay you the amount that we quote you and haul your junk vehicle away.

For more information about Cash For Cars 24, or to get a quote for your vehicle, contact us today by calling (888) 916-5816 or click here.