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What Are Junk Cars Selling for In December 2019?

With Christmas around the corner, you may be thinking about selling your junk car to pay for gifts and like most people you’re probably also wondering what junk cars are selling for in December 2019 right?

In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with important tips you should follow before selling your junk car.

What Are Junk Cars Selling For?

Even though it would be easy to give a ballpark price for junk cars, the reality is that the value of the vehicle is all based on how much scrap metal that it currently has. Today’s cars all have different amounts of scrap metal but steel is the most common form of scrap metal since it makes up close to 70% of the weight of a vehicle.

If you have an older model American made a vehicle like a Ford or Chevy, the chances are that it’s going to have more scrap metal than a newer hybrid or foreign-made vehicle.

Demand for scrap metal is actually low right now since the global supply is high so if you’re planning on scrapping your vehicle it would be best to get multiple quotes before you scrap your vehicle.

Don’t Hesitate to Junk Your Newer Model Car

Do you have a 2000’s model vehicle? If so, you shouldn’t hesitate to junk that car, truck or van because newer vehicles that were built over the last 20 years have magnesium alloy and aluminum and these metals are actually worth more than steel are at the current moment.

It’s also ideal to scrap newer model cars now because for the obvious reason that if there are still plenty of those vehicles on the road, there’s a good chance that certain parts on your vehicle can be scrapped and resold.

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