What Should You Do Before Junking Your Old Car?

Junking Your Old Car
Are you ready to get rid of your old car? If so, one of the most popular options you may be considering is to sell it to a scrap yard or automotive recycling company.

Before saying yes to having an automotive recycling company and pick up your car, here are several things you should do to get you junk car ready for pick up.

#1 – Clean Out Your Vehicle And Remove All Personal Belongings

Without a doubt, the most important thing you must do before junking your car is to remove all of your personal belongings. This step is vital because it’s easy to forget personal belongings and you don’t want to remember something important that you left in your car after the recycling company drives away with it.

#2 – Get The Title Ready

After you remove your personal belongings from your car, you should next get your vehicle’s title in order by finding your title or going to the DMV to purchase a new title because it’s difficult to sell a vehicle without having the title. Besides having your vehicle’s title ready, you should also have a valid picture ID when the recycling company shows up just so you can easily prove that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle.

#3 – Remove Newer Parts Or Electronics From Your Vehicle

Last of all, but most important, although you’ve agreed to sell your vehicle to the junkyard or recycling company in the condition you described, you should still look for other valuable parts or components on your vehicle which you could sell for extra money.

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